Goodbyes and Packing

Jeff and I leave for the Philippines in five short days. It seems that no matter how much I get done on my “to do” list, I still can’t find a way to feel ready… or even excited. Right now it is all about good-byes and packing. These are not the fun things I’ve looked forward to since February. These are not the things I thought about when I visualized making my overseas dream a reality. I know the excitement will come back when we are on that plane, headed into an exciting adventure, but for right now, it’s just hard.

I am so thankful for the time I had this summer to see my family and friends before we take off. No amount of time could have been enough, and I wasn’t able to see everyone I wanted to, but this adventure is teaching me lessons before it even begins. I’ve grown to appreciate the people I love more than I ever thought I could. Too often, the realization that others won’t be around forever comes too late. I’ve been fortunate enough to have the months leading up to this trip to soak it all in, and I am even luckier because this separation from loved ones won’t last forever. I’ve also grown to love Iowa more than is probably considered sane. I am going to miss this place and all of you so much!

The next post will be from halfway around the world, written 13 hours ahead of Iowa time. Hard to believe it’s finally happening!

Love you all,



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